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PNC :: JGPO Says No Change Here In Buildup Plans After Hatoyama's Call To "Start From Scratch"

PNC :: JGPO Says No Change Here In Buildup Plans After Hatoyama's Call To "Start From Scratch"

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Guam - JGPO Director and Retired Marine Major General David Bice says there is "no change" in the Joint Guam Program Office's plans for the military buildup here, despite remarks from Japanese Prime Minster Yukio Hatoyama that "its time to start from scratch" over the realignment of U.S. Bases in Okinawa.

The Associated Press reports that Hatoyama made his remarks after Nagano residents elected a new Mayor opposed to the building of a new U.S. base in that Okinawan city.

However Bice this morning telling the K-57 Breakfast Show "Bottom-line up front: No change to our program."

In an email to Brreakfast Show Host Ray Gibson, Bice said "US and Govt of Japan (GOJ) officials continue to discuss the Futenma issue and we are expecting a PM announcement in May. Secretary Gates' position re: Futenma replacement facility is firm."

"In the meantime, we are planning to award construction contracts for both US and GOJ funded projects as soon as the Record of Decision is signed later this year. You will recall GOJ has deposited $336M for JFY09 (1 Apr 09 thru 31 Mar 10) for Guam projects--we are managing those funds."

"We have already started to execute some of those funds with AE (design) contracts. The GOJ is about to submit a previously announced budget request to the Diet of approx $500M for JFY10 projects on Guam. Finally, we continue to plan and coordinate with our GOJ colleagues regarding the requirements and arrangements for GOJ funded SPE housing and upgrades to utilities systems on Guam to support the Marine relocation."

Written by : Kevin Kerrigan

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