Saturday, January 30, 2010

Officials foresee more problems

Officials foresee more problems

By Dionesis Tamondong • Pacific Daily News • January 27, 2010

The traffic on Guam's northern roads is congested already. Community health centers are overwhelmed. And incidents of littering and illegal dumping are persistent problems in the villages.

These are among the issues Guam's mayors deal with constantly, and Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares said she expects these problems to grow with the population boom expected from the pending military buildup.

Savares was among those who spoke at yesterday's legislative hearing on the military buildup.

Officials from the police department, Guam's court system, corrections department, customs agency and the Guam Preservation Trust also spoke about the concerns facing their respective agencies when the buildup takes place.

The hearings are being held at the Legislature to allow residents to share their concerns and provide comments on the draft Environmental Impact Statement. The document details the military's plans and potential impact to the island in regard to the buildup.

As part of the series of hearings, the Committee on Utilities, Transportation and Public Works today will present a briefing by Guam's utility agencies.

The hearing is scheduled for 6 to 9 p.m. at the session hall.

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