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Will Landholders Unite? (Jan 15, 2010)

Will Landholders Unite? (Jan 15, 2010)

GUAM - At stake is some 22-hundred acres of prime real estate, most of it along the seaward side of the Back Road to Andersen. The looming question: will the military again take pristine lands from Guam's people without considering the pricelessness of its value?

Not if guys like Ed Cruz and Bob Bucek have anything to say about it.

Cruz and Bucek are among Calvo Memorial Raceway Park's most ardent devotees. For years they've helped develop the Yigo park into a successful sports tourism facility. Cruz doesn't oppose the military's planned 15-billion-dollar buildup. He just doesn't want to get kicked off a landmark property that means so much to race enthusiasts and the economy.

Sound bite: Ed Cruz

Sound bite: Bob Bucek

During recent Draft-EIS hearings, a public outcry has emerged over the military's need for lands like Sasayan near Marbo Cave.

The land issue has galvanized a diverse group of concerned citizens from activists to professionals to everyday citizens. It has also brought together a loose bunch of influential families. Calvos, Unpingcos, Nelsons, Sgambelluris. Members of these clans bring new dimensions to the arguments made on behalf of the people of Guam. Lawyers, businessmen, politicians all bringing their expertise to the table and raising the stakes in the fight for lands.

Story Credits: Written by Jeff Marchesseault
Camera and video editing by David F. Macaluso

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