Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rage over DEIS continues

Rage over DEIS continues

Tuesday, 26 January 2010 05:13
by Therese Hart | Variety News Staff

DEBATES on the draft environmental impact statement have not abated as indicated by attendance at last night’s the public hearing hosted by the legislature.

Over 80 participants gathered to reaffirm their opposition to the U.S. military’s plans outlined in the impact statement, expressing doubts the federal government is looking out for the interests of the people of Guam.

Speaker Judi Won Pat said that it didn't matter if people had already spoken at other public hearings sponsored by the Joint Guam Program Office and the Office of the Governor.

Won Pat said all testimonies were recorded and will be presented to members of Congress when a Guam delegation that she will lead heads out to Washington D.C. next month. (See related story)

Won Pat said the legislature's hearings gathered input for possible inclusion in legislation regarding the buildup.

Last night’s hearing focused on the impact of the troop buildup on the Guam Community College and the University of Guam.

This week's hearings were set up as an "interactive town hall" in which participants are given a chance to make a comment, or ask a question to the senators, the agency directors, chairmen of the Civilian-Military Task Force subcommittees, or anyone with expertise on a related topic.

Discussion will not be limited but the topics and agencies indicated will be the focus of that day's hearing, as those directors have confirmed to be in attendance.

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