Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Commission on Decolonization Office Still Closed

Commission on Decolonization Office Still Closed

Guam - The commission on decolonization is still closed. Since Monday PNC news has made attempts to get in contact with staff at the commission.

Yesterday we paid a visit to the office which is actually located right next to the Ancestral Lands Commission and found that it was closed up behind these aluminum shutters. The door had a closed sign on the front and the lights in the office were off. We eventually made contact with a full-time staffer via cell phone. She informed us that she was at a Doctors appointment and would be in today however we again found the office was closed. We also discovered that the commisssion's director Jim Underwood had resigned since September of 2009 and has yet to be replaced. Speaker Wonpat even sent a letter to the governor's office requesting a new appointment however she has yet to receive a response. Commission member Jose Garrido also told PNC news in an interview that the commission hasn't even had a meeting due to a lack of a quorum since 2003. Meanwhile we made repeated checks to the office today found that it again remained closed.

Written by :
Clynt Ridgell

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