Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bordallo opposed to use of eminent domain by DoD for land acquisition

Bordallo opposed to use of eminent domain by DoD for land acquisition

Saipan Tribune
Thursday, January 14, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Guam Delegate Madeleine Z. Bordallo is opposed to the idea of allowing the U.S. Department of Defense to use eminent domain as a means to acquire private property from an unwilling landowner in Guam.

In a statement issued yesterday, Bordallo said she would oppose any DoD efforts to use eminent domain to acquire the private property of a landowner who is not interested in leasing or selling their private property.

“On several occasions when I have met with DoD officials I told them that I oppose the use of eminent domain to acquire private property and that this option would not be supported by our leaders and our community,” she said. “I have encouraged the DoD to work closely with the Government of Guam and any private landowners to explore mutually agreeable solutions to any land issues.”

Bordallo's statement was in response to land acquisition issues that were raised at recent Draft Environmental Impact Statement public hearings in Guam.

She pointed out that any effort by the DoD to use eminent domain for land acquisition would have to be approved by the U.S. Congress and reviewed by the House Armed Services Committee.

“I believe that further dialogue between DoD, our elected leaders, and private landowners will go a long way in finding solutions to military requirements while avoiding use of eminent domain and minimizing the impact to our cultural heritage and environment. I will reiterate my opposition to the use of eminent domain to acquire land in comments that I will submit on the draft EIS,” she said. (Saipan Tribune)

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