Monday, December 21, 2009

Tiyan Landowners Uspet Over Parkway Plans

Tiyan Landowners Uspet Over Parkway Plans

Guam - Tiyan landowners are angry about the airport's plans to pave the new road called the Tiyan Parkway through some of their property.

In fact several Tiyan landowners have begun firing off letters to the AB Wonpat International Airport Authority Executive Manager Carlos Salas calling for his resignation.

Several Tiyan landowners have written letters to Salas asking him to "step down" as airport general manager if he is not up to the task of "representing the people of guam". These owners of Tiyan property are upset about the airports plans to take some of their property and use it for a road known as the tiyan parkway. The Federal Aviation Administration has been pushing this plan for the road and has also asserted that the public be denied access to the road. Department of Public Works directorLarry Perez says the road will be open to the public as it is part of DPW's 2030 transportation master plan. He adds that they have yet to make a decision on where exactly the road will run. There are three options for the new road and perez says his agency is working with both the airport and tiyan residents to pick the most viable one.

One of the options would place the road along the cliffside and would require the taking of local landowners property. Another option would place the road inland utilizing more of the airport's property. Perez says that the cliffside option which has angered Tiyan landowners may also be less viable because of the costs involved when constructing a road along a cliff.

Perez says all three of the options will run the road in and out of both airport and local landowners properties. Perez says they are now focussing on picking an option that both the airport and landowners can live with and one that is simply more feasible to construct.

Perez says that the issue of where to put the new Tiyan parkway road has to be resolved by April of 2010.

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Clynt Ridgell

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