Sunday, December 27, 2009

Indefinite hold

Indefinite hold

Written by Margaret Jao-Grey
Not Business as Usual /
Sunday, 27 December 2009 17:55

Did you know 1: Uh-oh. The processing of 20,000 Filipino workers expected to work in Guam next year is now on indefinite hold. That means the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration may have to significantly revise downwards its rosy projections for next year.

Right now, the Japanese and the Americans aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on the conditions leading to the relocation of 8,000 Okinawa-based US Marines and their 9,000 dependents to American territory.

As it is, Japan, which is footing the bulk of the $10 billion needed for the relocation, has already handed over the first installment of $350 million to the US government (read: no refunds allowed should the relocation not take place) as scheduled). For its part, the US Congress has drastically reduced its first counterpart funding from $300 million to $89 million.

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