Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tiyan Access Road May Be Closed by FAA

Tiyan residents infuriated at FAA
Dec 20, 2009
by Mindy Aguon

Guam - Tiyan residents have launched a letter campaign outraged by the Federal Aviation Administration's efforts to completely shut down public access through Tiyan. The airport is currently collaborating with the Guam Department of Public Works, the Federal Highway Administration and the FAA to find a win-win solution.

Dozens of Tiyan landowners put pen to paper, expressing their frustration in letters to Guam International Airport Authority Executive Manager Carlos Salas. The landowners are particularly upset about the FAA's insistence that the public be denied access to the new road. The feds have threatened to cut off federal funds unless the access road is closed.

The FAA also warned that GIAA cannot use airport revenues or property for the Tiyan parkway that is supposed to be built and completed by April 2012. The Tiyan Neighborhood Association contends there is no practical reason or basis to prohibit the public from using the new road, saying it's apparent that the "FAA wants to take the airport back and restrict access to locals as though it was still military property."

The Airport's executive manager couldn't detail what plans are in the works for the stalled Tiyan parkway project, but he confirms officials are in discussions to resolve the matter and make it a win-win for everyone. Said Salas, "We want to help and make sure there's public access as well. Our latest collaboration with Public Works and Federal Highway is that the airport is favorably looking at maybe even providing more land to make that possible."

At this point DPW, the FHA, the FAA, and the airport are working on the road alignment and determine where the parkway would be situated. While the FAA previously indicated that GIAA could not use any of its property for the access road, Salas says the airport may end up giving twenty-four acres of land. "Not a change of heart, but look at the parameters that you have to work within," he continued.

"And the parameters are this, that the airport property is strictly for airport use and there are other properties that are available or could be attainable for purposes of the roadway. So let's work with that and see what the airport can do on a give and take situation."

Salas says while discussions are ongoing, he expects the Tiyan parkway will run along East Sunset Boulevard and eventually connect to Route 8 further from south of its current location. He's hopeful an agreement will be reached before the end of the year or by January.

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