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Tinian largest training complex

Tinian largest training complex

Wednesday, 23 December 2009 04:34 by Jude Lizama | Variety News Staff

THE military draft impact study takes special note of the existing lease arrangement with the CNMI government for “full unfettered access” to upwards of two-thirds of the entire island of Tinian for military training.

With a potential of 15,400 acres of land, Tinian could become the largest training range located within the Mariana Islands Range Complex. The military buildup blueprint notes training for 200 to 400 Marines would take place frequently, in stretches of one week, at least a dozen times each year.

Citing the availability of land, proximity to Guam and reliability of access, Tinian, the impact report states is “the only suitable location” for training Marines based on Guam, including maneuver areas, live-fire sniper areas, and areas designated for pyrotechnics and hazardous activities.

As Tinian is approximately 100 miles from Guam, Marines and other military personnel and equipment from the island would be able to quickly and routinely access the training areas on Tinian by air and sea.

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The northern island is characterized with having landing beaches, expeditionary airfield, bivouac areas for erecting temporary camps during training, as well as providing for further development to accommodate live-fire training ranges.

The existing lease area currently contains company and battalion level non live-fire training areas but has potential for more uses.

A joint military and civilian area used primarily for “logistics, maneuver and other nonintrusive training requirements is compatible with joint civilian agricultural uses, too, according to the report.

The lease agreement, according to the EIS, provides the military with Additionally, the study cites that termination of this agreement “is possible with appropriate notification to the CNMI government,” adding that “The military use of this area, subject to other applicable laws and agreements, is (by conditions of the lease) flexible and assured within specified limits.”

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