Thursday, December 17, 2009

PNC :: Guthertz Believes Japan Will Resolve Futenma Issue

PNC :: Guthertz Believes Japan Will Resolve Futenma Issue

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Guam - Senator Judi Guthertz responds today to the announcement from Japan that it won't make a decision on the relocation of the Futenma military installation until may of next year.

The movement of marines to Guam is contingent upon the Futenma relocation however Senator Guthertz says it would be very disfavoring to Japan to delay the movement because they have already signed a binding agreement with the U.S.. The senator believes Japan will likely honor their commitment with the United States.

Guthertz adds that Japan's prime minister risks angering members of congress who can suspend appropriations for the military buildup on Guam thus delaying the movement of marines out of Okinawa. She says there is a lot at risk for Japan which is why she believes they will have to come to a quick decision to avoid a big delay of the movement of marines to Guam.

Written by : Clynt Ridgell

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