Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Perez amends previous statement on road project

Perez amends previous statement on road project

Thursday, 04 February 2010 02:43
by Zita Y. Taitano | Variety News Staff

VICE speaker B.J. Cruz asked public works director Larry Perez to explain why the Department of Public Works’ plan to connect Marine Corps Drive to South Finegayan is not included in the 2030 Guam Transportation Plan.

Cruz, in a letter to the outgoing director, recalled that the plan for the construction of a new roadway from the intersection of Marine Corps Drive and Harmon Road to the Finegayan area was mentioned during last week’s hearing on the draft environmental impact statement.

At the hearing, Perez indicated that the project was in the draft study but not in the transportation plan, leaving Cruz curious.

“I am concerned over both the process that led to the proposal for this new road and the impact that construction of the road would have on the surrounding environment and the affected landowners,” the vice speaker stated in the letter.

Perez responded by saying, “although I inadvertently, mistakenly made the statement last meeting, and I stand corrected.

He added, “it was established there for purposes of creating new roads to minimize congestion on roadways to the entire community.”

Perez further explained that the road connection is not intended to for military use but is being created to address road congestion on Guam.

He also said DPW is actively collaborating with the military on development and construction projects to include mitigation and estimated costs of payment by the military.

“It is one of many projects needed for obviating and mitigating the transportation impact of our transportation network,” Perez said. “Everything that’s in the 2030 master plan is related in the buildup and those that are in the [draft impact study] are paid for by the military.”

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