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PNC :: Senators & We Are Guahan React To Governor's Speech

PNC :: Senators & We Are Guahan React To Governor's Speech

Monday, 15 February 2010

Guam - Meanwhile some members of the legislature and the We Are Guahan Coalition chimed in on how they felt about the governor's speech.

Buildup chairwoman Senator Judy Guthertz says she was very pleased with the governor's speach however she wishes he had taken these positions on the military buildup years ago. Guthertz says much of the speech re-iterated issues that Guthertz and other lawmakers have been talking about for years.

As for changing guam's name officially to Guahan Guthertz supports the idea as long as it's accompanied by something more concrete in the way of guam's political identity. Senator Rory Respicio says that he was touched by the governors speech when referring to the sacrifices he and his family have endured however, Respicio was hoping that he would speak a little bit more in detail about how he plans to handle the challenges of the military buildup. The senator says resolution 275 should be used a blueprint for how to deal with the buildup. Respicio also supports changing Guam to Guahan but he like Guthertz would like to see it accompanied with some kind of legislation that deals with Guam's political status.

Republican Senator Frank Blas Jr. was a part of the first Camacho administration and helped bring Guam back from the rubble of typhoon Pongsona. He says that people tend to forget the kind of adversities the Camacho administration had to deal with when first taking office. As for the idea of changing Guam to Guahan Blas says he's all for it.

We are Guahan member Vicki Leon Guerrero was pleasantly surprised by many of the points the governor touched upon in his speech. The We Are Guahan Coalition has been very vocal about the concerns that many members of the community have with regards to the military buildup. They have spoken at various DEIS hearings including ones held by the Governor. A lot of the concerns the governor spoke about reflected those of the We Are Guahan group. Leon Guerrero says she believes the Governor could have said a little more though particulary about what his agency heads have discovered after reviewing the DEIS. Nevertheless Leon Guerrero says that the governor's speech was "definitely refreshing". What interested her most though was the propossal of changing Guam to Guahan.

Written by : Clynt Ridgell

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