Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PNC :: Vice-Speaker Cruz Says DEIS is Deficient

PNC :: Vice-Speaker Cruz Says DEIS is Deficient

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Guam - Vice-Speaker Cruz says that the military's Draft Environmental Impact Statement is deficient.

Cruz says after holding a roundtable meeting with Department of Mental Health and Social Services officials he found that the DEIS did a poor job of determining the impact the military buildup would have on Guam's Mental Health agency. According to Cruz U.S. military personel and their dependents do use Guam's Department of Mental Health.

Cruz says that Dr. Leightheiser told lawmakers that 20% of the patients at Mental Health are military or their dependents. He says that what's worse is that the DEIS doesn't address this.

The Vice-Speaker says that part of the problem is that many of the people who wrote the DEIS didn't even come to Guam and most of the DEIS was written from the states.

Written by : Clynt Ridgell

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