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Governor's Final State of the Island Address Filled With Surprises

Governor's Final State of the Island Address Filled With Surprises

Monday, 15 February 2010

Guam - After nearly completing eight years in office Governor Felix Camacho gave his last state of the island address Monday morning..

While he looked back on his past accomplishments Camacho also looked to the future as he spoke about the military buildup and how it would affect the lives of everyone on Guam. Governor Felix Camacho began his last state of the island address with a reflection on the past recalling how he first took the oath of office by candelight.

Camacho took the reigns of GovGuam almost immediately after typhoon Pongsona ripped through the island. He dealt with the economic recession in Asia and the aftermath of 9/11. It was not a time of prosperity. This is why the governor spoke proudly of how his administration and his family helped him turn tragedy into triumph.

He listed off the many accomplishments of his administration saying "Through municipal leasing we build Okkodo High, Astumbo Middle, Liguan and Adacao Elementary schools when people said we couldn'." He also spoke of the millions of dollars worth of construction his administration has undertaken to improve roads expand airport runways and improve water and wastewater. He said "Today our water is the cleanest and safest it's been in decades."

The Govenor also dropped a few bombshells talking about issues that would've seemed unlikely to come out of his mouth during his first term as governor. For example he spoke about the reunification of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. He also spoke candidly about the military buildup saying it was imperative that it be done properly. He said "First the federal government must commit to fund the government of Guam's buildup needs" He also said that the buildup timeline must be extended beyond 2014 and called upon the Department of Defense to re-evaluate their plans and placement of the firing range and proposed dredging of Apra Harbor. He said "I will not support the condemnation of our Ancestral or Chamorro Land Trust Properties."

Finally, he spoke about something that if done could grant him a solid spot in the anals of Guam history. Before dropping this final bom he said "Okay here we go, this is Legacy time". The governor was referring to his propossal to change the name of Guam to Guahan. Guahan is a name many believe to be the original name of Guam.

Written by : Clynt Ridgell

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