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Guthertz: Carrier Should Use Kilo Warf Rather Than Dredge Coral

Guthertz: Carrier Should Use Kilo Warf Rather Than Dredge Coral

Tuesday, 09 February 2010

Guam - Rather than dredge 36 acres of coral in Apra Harbor, Senator Judi Guthertz is proposing that the Navy continue to use Kilo Warf for any visiting Aircraft Carriers, and then moor ammunition ships out in Apra Harbor.

Visiting carriers currently use Kilo Warf, located near the tip of Orote Point, near Gab Gab Beach, but its primary purpose is for loading and off-loading ammunition.

However, the military's Draft Environmental Impact Statement argues that a separate berthing is now needed because of plans to extend the stay of visiting aircraft carriers to a total of 63 days a year and that would interfere with the "munitions mission" of Kilo Wharf.

Read Guthertz's Coment Paper on Aircraft Carrier Berthing

But in a "Comment Paper on Aircraft Carrier Berthing", Guthertz counters that "the assertion that the situation will become too difficult is not proven. It merely comes down to a matter of having a scheduling challenge."

In a release, the Chairperson of the Legislature's Buildup Committee, argues that: “The solution is to moor the ammunition ship at one of the deep draft buoys in outer Apra Harbor, where the Maritime Pre-position Ships (MPS) moor, whenever there is an overlap in their schedules. "

Guthertz says “This location for the ammunition ship would only be needed for those days when the aircraft carrier is moored to Kilo Wharf. The aircraft carriers would still be able to visit Guam at an enhanced frequency and duration compared to now.”

The Senator says it would be "a 'win-win' soultion for both.

"The aircraft carriers would have more ship visit days in Guam as desired by the military, and the coral would remain untouched as desired by the civilians.”

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