Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Obama asked to meet with civilian community

Obama asked to meet with civilian community

Thursday, 04 February 2010 02:44
Variety News Staff

(LEGISLATURE) - Guam Sens. Judith P. Guthertz and Rory J. Respicio urged President Obama “to meet a few of your fellow Americans who live outside the military gates,” during his planned stopover in Guam in March.

The two island lawmakers, who chair the legislative committees that deal with military and federal relations, said the president address military buildup issues directly with the Guam civilian community, rather than making a typical VIP “pit stop” behind the gates of Andersen Air Force Base.

“History and our high enlistment rates prove that the people of Guam are undeniably patriotic and pro-military, but dissatisfaction over the Pentagon’s buildup plan is spreading rapidly across our island. To make matters worse, we have yet to receive any of the promised assistance that is meant to cushion the impact of the buildup,” the senators stated in a letter to the president.

Calling for President Obama to provide “your leadership to guide the buildup properly,” the senators urged their ‘fellow islander’ to hold a town hold meeting outside of the gates: “We would like to have the same opportunities as our brothers and sisters on the mainland who often interact with you in this manner.”

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