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PNC :: Guthertz: Tinian Chamber President Offers Tinian As Buildup Alternative To Guam

PNC :: Guthertz: Tinian Chamber President Offers Tinian As Buildup Alternative To Guam

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Guam - Senator Guthertz' office has received a letter from The President of the Tinian Chamber of Commerce, Phillip Mendiola-Long which says that Tinian is a good alternative for the military's land needs.

Mendiola-Long is also a member of the Guam/CNMI Joint Legislative Military Build Up Task Force and the Tinian Mayor’s Military Task Force.

In his letter he writes that Tinian is very much in favor of hosting military personnel and operations and a very good fit with Senator Guthertz' proposal to 'stretch and spread' the military buildup in response to various Guam objections.

And he describes in detail the military lease of two-thirds of Tinian which is part of the Commonwealth Covenant with the United States.

Mendiola-Long's letter is reprinted below:

"There are 18,000 acres leased in total on Tinian, the 14,000 acres referred to subtracts the joint use areas of the port and the airport, which are a part of the original lease with the US Government.

I have attached some documents for historical reference, which outlines the ability for the Marines to in fact relocate to Tinian. Specifically the original Technical Agreement, which details a base opening on Tinian and the local leadership acceptance of it."

"The current leadership fully supports the hosting of Futenma on Tinian and actually it would be seen as more palatable rather than what the Marines (JGPO) plan currently calls for on Tinian. Which by the way has little if any support. The problem is local community expectations of military use for over 30 years and the sacrifice of private development of land that the US government has been sitting on for that time. The people were told (see technical agreement) that their sacrifice of the 18,000 acres would lead to economic development. That has not happened and the current plan offered to the people states that it will NOT happen again…. The only solution is to bring Futenma to Tinian….otherwise the training plan that the Marines are planning will not be accepted by the people."

Read Tinian Lease Provision in Covenant

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