Friday, February 12, 2010

Hikers to mark love day in Pagat Caves

Hikers to mark love day in Pagat Caves

Tuesday, 09 February 2010 03:34
Variety News Staff

(GBM/WAG) -- The Guam Boonie Stompers and the We are Guahan organization are leading the public in a free-of-charge Valentines Day hike and effort to beautify Pagat Caves on Feb. 14.

On the popular holiday associated with romance, the coordinating organizations are encouraging residents to show love to their island and enjoy the diverse collection of individuals in support of efforts in the island's best interest.

Located on Guam's eastern coast, Pagat caves is one of Guam's most significant historical sites. The caves once provided fresh water to ancient Chamorro villages and is one of the few places on island where residents and tourists may view ancient pottery, lusongs and lattes dating back over 3,500 years.

While organized hikes are often led to the caves, local families and individuals also frequent the site in less formal groups to enjoy the water and take part in one of the many activities that make life on Guam unique. The joint effort to organize the clean-up seeks to provide an opportunity for education, constructive action and friendship.

The draft environmental impact statement plans identify the recreation spot and cultural site as an area needed to accommodate a Marine firing range, which would restrict both civilian and non-civilian access to the site.

Currently, the Guam Preservation Trust is advocating to have Pagat included on the list of the country's most endangered places. Many worry that the presence of a firing range will damage the ancient artifacts, injure efforts to preserve and share Chamorro culture with locals and visitors and will further limit options for outdoor recreation.

Those interested in attending the clean-up are asked to meet at 9 o'clock am, in front of the trail entrance on Route 15 (immediately North of the Anderson South gate).

Hikers and volunteers should bring their own cleaning materials, such as trash bags, gloves or tools. Clean-up organizers welcome volunteers capable of providing trucks, backhoes or equipment that could assist volunteers in removing larger materials.

Those who would like to provide trucks or backhoes in order to remove larger pieces of debris are asked to contact Dave Lotz of the Guam Boonie Stomper's association for additional details. All attending are asked to bring water, appropriate shoes, gloves, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a snack and swimming attire.

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