Thursday, November 12, 2009

Strategies For A Sustainable Future Focus Of Forum

Strategies For A Sustainable Future Focus Of Forum

Guam-It is seen as an opportunity for ideas to be shared on what needs to be done in preparation for the military build up.

Written by :
Mana Silva Taijeron

The University of Guam is hosting the Guam Community Economic Development Forum, which will cover two days and will include presentations from a number of panelists who will speak on how the island will be impacted by the military build up.

The title of the forum is “Strategies for a sustainable future” and it's a chance for participants to discuss ideas and develop a plan to shape the islands economic future as the build up occurs.

This morning, a special presentation was made by the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian Pacific Security Affairs Derrick Mitchell, who spoke on the Guam Oversight Council which was recently developed.

Mitchell has plays a key role in the negotiations with the Japanese government, and he remains confident the transfer of the US Marines to Guam will still occur.

The forum features local experts on a series of panels ranging from potential revenue streams and use, to housing, to the environment and sustainability, among other things.

The conference is being held at the Sheraton Laguna Hotel, and concludes tomorrow.

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