Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Landfill project finally gets permit

Landfill project finally gets permit

Wednesday, 25 November 2009 01:44
by Therese Hart | Variety News Staff

FEDERAL receiver Gershman, Brickner & Bratton yesterday announced that the Guam Environmental Protection Agency has issued a permit for the Layon landfill project.

The permit, issued on Nov. 23, allows all activities related to the construction of the landfill to move forward in compliance with the consent decree.

In addition, GEPA issued the air pollution control permit at the same time.

The issuance of these permits is a major milestone in the 23-year-long process of closing the Ordot Dump and building an environmentally compliant waste disposal facility for the island's municipal solid waste.

“The design of the new landfill and the plans for operating it underwent a rigorous review by the Guam Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, passing all of the requirements to assure that Guam's environment is protected,” GBB representative David L. Manning.

“This is the last major step in the approval process for the Layon Landfill and clears the way for a final closure of the Ordot Dump and an end to the environmental damage it has inflicted on Guam for many years,” Manning added.

Construction contracts have been awarded to various local companies. Core Tech International was awarded the contract for the construction of the access road and utilities.

Black Construction Corporation gets the contract for the landfill entrance facilities and landfill systems for Cells 1 & 2.

Construction is anticipated to commence soon and take about 500 days. Preconstruction earthwork has already been underway since February 2009 under a contract awarded to Maeda Pacific Corporation and is nearing completion.

There are 611 days of airspace remaining at the Ordot Dump.

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