Friday, November 20, 2009

 Draft Impact Statement Raises Questions About Military's 'One Guam' Buildup Promise

Draft Impact Statement Raises Questions About Military's 'One Guam' Buildup Promise

Will It Be As Good For Guam As It Is For The Pentagon? You Decide...

Written by Jeff Marchesseault, Guam News Factor Staff Writer
Friday, 20 November 2009 16:30

GUAM - The federal government's ten-volume Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the $15 billion Guam Buildup has been published online. Hard copies will be available in public libraries and mayor's offices this weekend. The public is invited to read and react to the DEIS for the next 90 days. It remains to be seen how meaningfully and responsibly the Department of Defense will keep its promise this week to pursue a "one Guam concept" that embraces the quality of life on base and off.

It'll be the job of everyday citizens to speak up and be a part of the process. Like it or not, the military buildup is coming. And it will fundamentally change everyday life on Guam. Opportunity abounds for the entrepreneurial, the determined and the adventurous.

Volumes include an Overview of Proposed Actions and Alternatives, plus information on the Marine Corps Relocation to Guam, Marine Corps Training on Tinian, Aircraft Carrier Berthing, Army Air and Missile Defense Task Force, Utilities and Roadway Projects, Mitigation, Preferred Alternatives and Cumulative Impacts, plus an Executive Summary.

Last count was 8,000 pages. But don't overwhelm yourself. Stake out a strategy. Skim through the 40-page Executive Summary and let it lead you to the topics you're interested in learning more about. Happy reading!

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