Monday, November 30, 2009

Guam News Factor - November 30, 2009

Guam News Factor - November 30, 2009

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Guams best planners: shaken by the Pentagons Buildup Impact Draft. Utilities Chairman Simon Sanchez tells KUAM hes alarmed by population stats that show growth twice what DOD reported before releasing the impact draft ten days ago. Its hard to prep for growth when you dont know whats up the pike.


Public Health can now hire private inspectors. Just signed by Governor Camacho, this new law could open the way for other agencies, too short-staffed to keep pace with buildup-era regulatory inspects, to do the same and could spare taxpayers from bankrolling hundreds more government careers.


The Governor also inscribes a law that bans smoking within 20 feet of public buildings. Good move. Right direction. Changes behavior. But the real test for lawmakers comes with their stance on a bill to up tobacco taxes.


Obamas outreach to East Asia reverses the Guam Doctrine a policy launched by President Nixon on a Guam stop 40 years ago. Nixon then set the stage for East Asian allies to defend themselves with secondary help from the U.S. As Obama renews security commitments to the region, US-Guams military-buildup symbolizes Americas growing resident power in the Pacific.

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