Thursday, November 26, 2009

GDOE needs $5M for textbooks

GDOE needs $5M for textbooks

Friday, 27 November 2009 03:29 by Therese Hart | Variety News Staff

IT IS a persistent and expensive problem that won’t go away. The Guam Department of Education has yet to take control of its textbook management and expenditures even after former deputy superintendent Dr. Geri James said that the textbook issues have been resolved.

During Wednesday's regular policy board meeting, the issue of textbooks arose, with Dr. Eva San Nicolas, James’ successor, informing the board that GDOE will need supplemental funds of $4.9 million for new textbooks and $500,000 to pay vendors for prior year obligations.

Even with the $2 million appropriated by Public Law 30-55, the department still needs $4.9 million to purchase kindergarten through grade 12 books for content areas in social studies, health, physical education, music and art. Textbook orders for the 25 private schools will need to be addressed as well.

GDOE will also request that the legislature place a moratorium on textbook adoption for two years. As it stands, textbooks are adopted for seven years and are in circulation at all the 40 schools for continued use for the duration of its adoptive lifespan.

If the legislature is unwilling, GDOE will need to adopt new science textbooks by March 2010 and the estimated cost will be $5 million.

This was not included in the supplemental budget request that GDOE will possibly send to the legislature in early December.

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