Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Evolution over revolution

Evolution over revolution

Wednesday, 11 November 2009 05:25
by Jude Lizama | Variety News Staff

THE local indigenous community should lean more toward evolution and not revolution in its efforts to achieve political self determination, United Nations advisor Dr. Carlyle Corbin advised during a recent public forum held at the University of Guam.

Corbin, who is also a political self determination expert and a former U.S. Virgin Islands politician, explained that evolution is “far more palatable and less threatening.”

“All of the things you can do in a revolution you can do in evolution,” Corbin stressed.

On revolution and colonies, the UN advisor said: “I don’t often use the ‘R’ word. I don’t often use the ‘C’ word either because of the connotation of certain imagery and tendency to typecast the person who’s using it.”

He added that those who seek self determination must be cognizant of the terminology used.

“Regardless of the kind of movement you make it’s going to take bringing the people with you. You cannot go ahead of them too far. You have to be able to bring them along, and in many cases, you have to follow their lead. They also have experiences they can share in moving forward,” Corbin said.

In addition to answering various questions and concerns of the local community on the issue of self determination, Corbin also talked about “Guam and International Law: Self Determination, Globalization, and Militarism.”

When asked how the local indigenous population should act if the U.S. denies independence, Corbin answered: “If there was a legitimate referendum held in a territory and the people choose a particular option, especially if it’s independence, then all international mechanisms of grievance would be available to proceed.”

Corbin cited his daughter as his central source of inspiration, saying he has gained additional inspiration in meeting the local youth movement for self determination.

“The young people I have met here have been extraordinary. Your generation and the generations before you have a great interest in moving forward and advancing. That’s an inspiration that I take. I have elders as well who have passed it on to me,” Corbin said.

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