Friday, April 07, 2017

Former U.S. Pacific Command Chief Indicates if China “Tangles with US Navy, They Will Lose”

Retired U.S. Adm. Dennis Blair, previously served as the head of the U.S. Pacific Command said that China does not have the capability to push the U.S. Navy out of the Asia Pacific region as he indicate that if China’s might “tangle with the U.S. Navy, they will lose.”
In the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition in Maryland, Blair refuted those who claim that “in the event of a conflict over places like Taiwan and the Senkakus or the South China Sea, China would actually win or cause enough damage to American forces for us to pull back.”
China’s military has made headways with massive reforms and modernization program as their strength is projected with their expanding naval and aviation capabilities including their missile warfare striking ability.

The power being projected by China has been evident with their expansion in the western Pacific. The country’s military has been asserting their dominance over the disputed territorial claims by neighboring countries including Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The often aggressive action of China in the region has raised concerns among U.S. allies and partners in the region.
Blair pointed out that though the U.S. Navy has been able to patrol the Asia-Pacific region without any problem, the Chinese military’s capabilities may make U.S. operation in the region more difficult. Blair indicated that China is moving closer to achieving their regional dominance.
He warns that: “If the U.S. Navy does not develop new concepts of operations, new ways of operating, new capabilities, China might be able to attain those goals, … if they were to do that, the damage to our interests would be grave, the consequences to the region and the impact to the globe would be enormous,”
According to Blair, the U.S. Navy’s power was weakened during the Obama administration with the implementation of budgetary cuts that limited the Navy’s effectiveness. Hopes are high with President Donald Trump’s promise to rebuild the Navy to its old glory.
Blair said: “My message to those of you who are actually in the Navy … is get going, recess is over,” and further exclaimed: “Figure out how to defeat the PLA threat to the maritime missions in the western Pacific and let everyone know, the chattering classes in Washington, the Chinese themselves, that if they tangle with the U.S. Navy, they will lose.”

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