Saturday, April 29, 2017

Guam monitors situation in North Korea

Tensions are high in the Asia Pacific Region - bringing Guam to the forefront, as the U.S. military repositions assets in response to threats from North Korea.  Dozens of missile tests and at least five nuclear tests to date...that's what has the United States up in arms as talks of a sixth nuclear test circulate in the national media.
"We are continuing to monitor the situation here at Guam Homeland Security and Office of Civil Defense and we are doing this in coordination with our federal local and military partners," said Guam homeland security advisor, retired colonel George Charfauros. He explained that open source information is being monitored and briefed to island leadership.
"There's a US carrier group headed that way," he confirmed. The aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson was diverted to the Korean peninsula this week, while national media reports that bombers are positioned in Guam "to attack North Korea" should it be necessary. National media has also reported talks of a pending nuclear test or ballistic missile launch by the rogue state.
After the fifth nuclear test last year, the highest ranking member of the Republic of Korea military, General Sun Lin Lee, along with US commander General Vincent Brooks, visited Guam to see the island's B1-bombers, submarines, and terminal high altitude area defense system first hand - noting Guam's importance in the deterrence strategy.
"If something were to happen or if things continue to go the way they've been going, Kim Jong Un and the North Korean regime must accept responsibility of whatever comes next as a result, and that's really the answer of what comes next - their decision," said Charfauros.
"We will have to make efforts to make North Korea realize that they would be in harm's way if they do not listen to our legitimate and reasonable message," he said.
While Charfauros said there are no specific threats to Guam or the Marianas at this time, he said the Guam Mariana Regional Fusion Center will continue to monitor the situation.

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