Saturday, April 29, 2017

Japan, US Conduct Military Maneuvers in Pacific Ocean

Tokyo, Apr 29 (Prensa Latina) - Japan''s Defense Minister Tomomi Inada confirmed Tuesday that her country has made further military maneuvers with the United States in the Pacific Ocean, under the argument of demonstrating its commitment to stability in the region.

The combat exercise was carried out east of Okinawa prefecture and involved two Japanese F-15 fighters with two of the US Navy.

These last fighters planes were launched by the nuclear propulsion aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson.

The four planes lined up in the air and checked the radio communication.

Inada told reporters that the operation was also aimed at strengthening the deterrence capacity of the Japan-US alliance.

The Self-Defense Force of the Asian nation and the North American air-sea group, led by USS Carl Vinson, began Sunday maneuvers in the Pacific Ocean and, according to the Japanese Navy, is a gesture of support to Washington.

The same source emphasized that they will try tactical actions of all kinds before going to the north and approach the Korean peninsula, surrounded by more than 50 submarines of the two countries, China, Russia and South Korea.

All this deployment occured amid tensions with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) following its recent nuclear tests.

The actions of the United States and its international allies, as well as the continuous military exercises on the coasts near Democratic Korea, are considered an open sample of hostility and threat latent by Pyongyang authorities.

Hence, the DPRK government is conducting frequent tests in its nuclear weapons program, with the aim of verifying national defense strategies against possible attacks. 

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