Saturday, April 29, 2017

Island's top military leader assures Guam readiness

Rest assured. Guam is ready. This is according to the island's top military leader who met with the Mayors Council of Guam on Wednesday. Along with reiterating her support for the military build-up and the One Guam approach, she spoke briefly on the threats the may be looming in the region.
“I wanted to say, about the One Guam philosophy, that I'm a strong supporter of One Guam. It shouldn't just be focused on the build-up, but the way we approach our relationship into the future even after the build-up,” she stated. “I think that the military on Guam is very beneficial for our overall national security.”
“I can tell you that we have in our national security plans, a very good strategy of missile defense and also forward presence. So we rely on these two things to show a strong forward presence as a deterrent measure, but then to also put into a place a robust missile defense. And I think that everyone knows that we have the THAAD battery up at Andersen which helps to provide that for the island of Guam. So I wouldn't say that even North Korea may be doing some saber rattling, that we ought to change any of its procedures.”

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