An estimated 18,000 U.S. military service members are scheduled to participate next week in a vast exercise on Guam and around the Marianas to test their readiness on land, at sea, in the air and in cyberspace.
Called Valiant Shield, the exercise will involve the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, nine surface ships, three amphibious vessels and more than 180 aircraft, according to the U.S. Pacific Command in a press release.
Although the military hasn’t confirmed if the aircraft carrier will dock in Guam, for security reasons, previous exercises have given the USS Ronald Reagan’s thousands of sailors a chance for some recreational time on Guam.
Valiant Shield is scheduled to take place on Sept. 12 to 23, including in deep waters on the Mariana Islands training range complex.
Held every two years, since 2006, Valiant Shield allows the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps to train together.
“The range of capabilities include maritime security operations, anti-submarine and air defense exercises, amphibious operations, and other elements of complex war fighting,” according to the Pacific Command.
In January, Guam’s Andersen Air Force Base also hosted Cope North, a military exercise in which the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, Japan Air Self-Defense Force and Royal Australian Air Force trained jointly. Participants from the Philippine Air Force, South Korean Air Force and Royal New Zealand Air Force participated in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief training during Cope North.

Rick Perez
In my opinion, this exercise is too much.

What is the mission set or sets being executed?

What peer or near peer state directed threat are we fighting?

Is this a crisis response training exercise or an exercise for all out war?

Why do we have 180 planes in this exercise? Are these planes Navy planes or Marine Corps planes?

What targets will be bombed?

It is too much in that it is costing American taxpayers millions of dollars to prepare for and execute.

It is too much in that Guam and the Mariana Islands are already too militarized and having this exercise will not only be a tremendous nuisance, it will lower once again, the quality of life for Chamorros and islanders and bring about noise, possible risks associated with some kind of accident, it will harm the undersea environment, possibly beach and coastal areas, especially if amphibious manuevers will take place, and it will result in the introduction of thousands of rounds of ammo and live bombing into the area that will be blown up or expended.
I oppose this military exercise because it will result in damage to the Mariana Islands region and it is too expensive.

I also opposed this military exercise because our track record in fighting wars has been basically zero and 6 or zero and more despite all these preparations. 

We lost in Iraq, we lost in Afghanistan, we lost in the Balkans, we lost in Libya, we lost in Vietnam and we lost in Korea. 

We won in DS/DS because no one showed up. 

The sheer distance needed to travel to the western Pacific to conduct these exercises is also very costly to American taxpayers and what is the policy that this exercise plans to support?


Military blockade? 


What is the overall objective?

These are temporary events that will further bankrupt our already backrupt country which is $21 trillion dollars in debt, of which China owns over $1 trillion dollars of this amount.

Our aggression also makes for good entertainment on the threat inflation channel, especially as the presidential cycle comes to a close.

Not much seems to have changed on Guam over the past 12 decades under the rule of the U.S. Congress or the U.S. Navy, except that these days, more and more military activities eclipse everything else.
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Rick Perez
After reading an article about the USS Ronald Reagan, some questions arise that are related to Valiant Shield.

Is the Ronald Reagan going to be completely cleaned of radioactive particles that are still onboard for work conducted in helping Japan with its radioactive accident at Fukushima?

Are other ships involved in Valiant Shield the same ships that contain low levels of radiation?

What happened to all the sailors who were exposed to radiation as they were assisting the Japanese with their clean-up?

Have some gotten sicker?

Have others remained healthy?

Have others died?

What is the status?

What is the United States Navy doing to specifically assist sailors who were exposed to radiation in Japan during the Fukushima accident? 

How much jet fuel and diesel fuel will be consumed during Valiant Shield and how much is this costing taxpayers?

I wonder if the Reagan is really that stealthy because with this exposure to radiation in Japan, the ship might actually glow in the dark at nighttime.

My guess is that if the Reagan pulls into Sumay, it will be a test run to think about parking the Ford class carrier in Sumay, Guam in about 4 years from now and to consider parking several amphibious vessels in Sumay for a Amphibious Ready Group parking lot, to add to the parking lot of nuclear powered submarines and the brown water Navy vessels that are taking SEALS for joy rides throughout the Marianas.
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