Friday, September 30, 2016

China military planes fly over Okinawa strait

Jiji PressTOKYO (Jiji Press) — Eight Chinese military planes flew over the Miyako Strait between the islands of Okinawa and Miyakojima Sunday, the Defense Ministry said.
Four H-6 bombers, one Tu-154 surveillance plane, one Y-8 surveillance plane and two planes believed to be fighters flew over the strait to the Pacific Ocean.
The flights prompted the Air Self-Defense Force to scramble fighter jets. No violation of Japanese airspace by the Chinese planes occurred, ministry officials said.

It was the first time that Chinese fighters have been spotted flying over the strait to the Pacific Ocean, the officials said. The eight Chinese planes flew back to the East China Sea after passing over the strait again.
China’s air force said it sent more than 40 aircraft for drills in the Western Pacific via the strait. Patrol flights were also conducted over the air defense identification zone in the East China Sea, it added.Speech

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