Thursday, October 15, 2009

Guam On DOD's Radar Now

Guam On DOD's Radar Now

Guam - It is one of the most important Defense Department teams to come to Guam in recent years.

Navy Undersecretary Robert Work, Defense Undersecretary Dorothy Robyn and others have been been touring the island and meeting with local officials since Tuesday.

Wood flew back to Washington early Thursday to avoid the storm, but Robyn stayed to speak with the island's media.

The message is that the Guam military buildup is finally on the radar in Washington.

Robyn said that she and Undersecretary Robert Wood have been meet with lawmakers, the Governor, military leaders and others to learn the lay of the land and listen to the concerns Guam has about the impending military buildup and its impact on the island.

Earlier this year a GAO report recommended high level contacts between the Department of Defense and GovGuam to help co-ordinate the buildup.

She admitted that the Obama Administration's first priority when it took office earlier this year was on resolving the issues surrounding the re-location of the marines from Fuetema in Okinawa. Guam's issues were second on the list. But she said Guam is in focus now.

In response to concerns that the new Japanese government wants to re-negotiate the deal, Robyn reaffirmed earlier administration statements that the base relocation agreement is an agreement sealed by a treaty between two countries, not the current occupants of the Government.

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Kevin Kerrigan

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