Friday, October 09, 2009

Guthertz Seeks National Attention For Guam WW II Reparations By Proposing Toll Boths Outside Bases

Guam - A local Senator today is making waves with her introduction of a bill that is sure to spark much debate.

The bill was introduced by Senator Judi Guthertz that would place toll booths at the entrance to Guam's military bases.

In reaction to the Congress' rejection of the Guam WW II Loyalty Recognition Act, Senator Guthertz has introduced a bill that would set up toll booths outside of Guam's bases charging a fee to anyone on base who wants to use Guam's roads.

The Senator says that the money collected from these toll booths could help fund the various expenses govguam will incur as a result of the military buildup however her real goal is to use the measure as leverage to get the U.S. Federal Government to begin listening to the people of Guam.

Juan Limtiaco was a six year old kid when he was taken to the concentration camp in Manengon during WW II. While he too would like to see war reparations for Guam he believes that the Federal Government who built most of Guam's roads will simply take them back if needed.

Chamber of Commerce Chairman Frank Campillo is also cautious about supporting Senator Guthertz's Bill.

The military has yet to take a stance on this issue however Navy Spokesperson Lt. Jodie Cornell did offer a statement saying: "It would be premature to comment at this time. We will review the proposal and comment at the appropiate time."

Written by :
Clynt Ridgell


Drea said...

It seems crazy, but at least she's being pro active.

Anonymous said...

Guthertz not only really cares about Guam's people, she is actively trying to make a difference. You don't see that too often in these kinds of nondemocratic, colonial settings.