Sunday, January 11, 2009

Violations of property rights subvert freedom


First, we must realize that our ancestors have endured unbelievable suffering, bloodshed, and virtually total destruction, all for America, but all for naught.

Second, the problem today lies with the present population. We are infected with the entitlement mentality, which has bred like cancerous germs forced upon us by the government for over 60 years.

The people of Guam have been paying for the American freedom since 1898, which promises equality in human rights and justice. But the people of Guam were ultimately denied even "living the dream" after World War II. That condition remains today.

The change that everyone on Guam should strive for is change in the way we are governed. Guam cannot afford this politics as usual any more.

Life on Guam before was more peaceful, with pride and contentment. The way we are governed these days created all this hate and discontent, and crimes of all sorts continue to increase. We must realize that complacency is lethal to our families and the whole community.

We have been lied to about "this is the way forward." Granted, freedom isn't free, but if we are going to pay for it, we want to get our money's worth.

If we have to sacrifice everything dear to us, then we must change direction.

The blatant violations of private property rights by local and federal government officials have extinguished economic freedoms. They made the promise of freedom, equality and justice a sham.

People are forced to be poor and to depend on a corrupted and self-serving government. Justice is denied to this day and democracy is a figment of the imagination.

We must still stand up for our rights. It is clear politicians won't deliver them. This is because the politicians lack sincerity and honesty and they know they lied on their oath of office.

Taxation without representation is one thing, but taxation without economic freedoms and justice while defending America is worse than communism. America's policies in Guam are failures on economic freedoms, justice and equality in human rights. Guam is America's epitome of absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The situation on Guam is an example of America having completed the circle from where it started.

We must realize that there is no "messiah" to wave his magic wand and make all our problems go away. More military and more tourism without righting the wrong will only make matters worse.

It is vital that we practice democracy. It is imperative we allow freedom to ring from Yigo to Merizo. Justice must be rendered, for without justice, there can be no peace.

Where do we go from here? We must change our ways and stand up for our rights. It is indicative that no one will deliver them to us, much less on a silver platter.

Demand for democracy, economic freedoms, and justice fought for and won, but denied by the not-so-"honorable" politicians, which made Guam America's biggest dirty little secret.

Tony Artero is a retired Navy submariner and a resident of Agana Heights.

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