Monday, January 26, 2009

Pangelinan Calls for Improved Communication With JGPO

From Press Release
Monday, 26 January 2009

Guam - Senator Ben Pangelinan is calling on JGPO Director David Bice to improve communication with island residents over the impending draft Environmental Impact Study for the coming military buildup.

In a press release, Senator Pangelinan commends JGPO for their attempts to be transparent with the people of Guam by hosting village meetings, however he questions the format saying that it appears that the Military is here to “solicit” information rather than engage in a two-way collaboration on what the final draft of the EIS will consist of.

In the release Pangelinan is quoted as saying that ”What we need is for the office (JGPO) to make public the milestone reports on the progress and findings of the EIS. This will allow the people of Guam to be truly part of the process and be involved at the phases where our concerns can be addressed before the final outcome. How can our people ask the pertinent questions when it is unclear of what any of the findings are?”

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