Saturday, February 11, 2017

Supercarrier USS Carl Vinson in Guam ahead of S. Korea-US Exercise

Ahead of the annual Key Resolve exercise of the allied forces of South Korea and the U.S. next month, the 93-thousand-ton USS Carl Vinson supercarrier arrived in Guam on Friday.
The U.S. Pacific Fleet revealed on its Web site that the aircraft carrier is in Guam, carrying roughly 75-hundred crew members for the first port visit of an ongoing deployment to the Western Pacific.
The site said in Guam, the carrier and its crew will enjoy some time off. It did not elaborate on what its next mission will be.
A military source said that there is a strong possibility the USS Carl Vinson will take part in combined military exercises to be launched by South Korea and the U.S. next month. The source said the carrier is expected to be assigned to a new mission while taking time off in Guam.

Measuring 333 meters long and roughly 41 meters wide, the USS Carl Vinson is equipped with roughly 60 carrier-borne aircraft, including 24 fighter-bombers and six antisubmarine warfare helicopters. It also has on board two carrier air wings and Aegis destroyers.

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