Wednesday, February 15, 2017

North Korean missile launch poses no immediate threat to Guam

A North Korean missile landed in the Sea of Japan after the latest ballistic missile launch on Sunday morning. Public information officer Jenna Gaminde said the Guam Offices of Homeland Security and Civil Defense are monitoring the situation closely.
"The ballistic missile test from North Korea did reach an altitude of about 350 miles into the air," she told KUAM News. "There are no immediate threats to Guam and the Marianas at this time but we remind residents to just be aware of the situation."
Meanwhile over the weekend Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called the launch "absolutely intolerable," and President Donald Trump said the US stands by Japan 100 percent. 

North Korea has conducted a number of missile tests over the past year, and just last November, the highest ranking member of the Republic of Korea's military visited Guam to take a first hand look at the island's Terminal High Altitude Area Defense Battery, which officials say can effectively shoot down potential ballistic missile threats to the island.

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