Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Worse is Yet to Come

Guam Editorials :: 'The worse is yet to come'
The Marianas Variety
Tuesday April 22, 2008

The relocation of approximately forty thousand plus U.S. military personnel and their dependents coming to Guam in the years ahead (some are already here as advanced party), plus thousands of self-interest groups of business people and their associates, alien workers, and "pretend" tourists will mean the worse is yet to come with dangerous wastewater sewage overflows and other infrastructure disasters.

Now that the glorious federalization bill to control CNMI immigration has passed awaiting the President's signature, Guam can now prepare to embrace even more of an exploding population --- with hundreds, if not thousands, seeking safe haven coming over from CNMI, in addition to those from Compact Impact areas.

Greed is spreading like wildfire with big business and Chamber of Commerce associates, especially now with their latest initiative for a part-time legislature. The people will be run over by those with only their self-interest in mind. The people will have no voice in our government.

Chaos is also brewing among our government leaders who think this impending massive military build-up will enhance Guam's failing economy. It is already evident that the sick, the poor, the manamko, the common and ordinary people who cannot make ends meet to survive are the ones being sacrificed to satisfy federalization and the military buildup.

Human trafficking and alien smuggling is nearly a routine thing on Guam with so many undetected boats carrying aliens landing on our shores, capsized boats hitting our reefs, prostitution in night clubs and massage parlors, and with the fake driver's license scam. Where else? What else?

This military buildup has nothing to do with improving Guam's failing economy or providing job opportunities. This military buildup is all connected to China's increasing might, from tension with Tibet and Taiwan to issues with North Korea. This is why Guam is being fortified like there's no tomorrow.

Guam has experienced the agony of war and major natural disasters. Guam and her colonized people will suffer more catastrophes like never before under the impending massive military buildup. This is why Guam is doomed for disaster --- gone with the wind!

Fanmanaitai yan si Yu'os u bindisi hit todu! Pas para todu!

Vicente "Fa'et" Garrido

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