Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Guam and Navy Partner to Protect Coral

Guam partners with Navy to protect coral
The Marianas Variety
Tuesday April 1, 2008

GOV. Felix P. Camacho yesterday signed a cooperative agreement with the United States Navy for the reforestation of the Masso Reservoir area in Piti.

The Masso Project was developed as a mitigation project for the loss of coral reef habitat in Apra Harbor as a result of the Alpha and Bravo Wharfs Improvement projects by the US Navy.

The Masso Reservoir Reforestation Project will include the planting of 12 acres of native plants and trees and a 30-acre security fence.

The project will reduce sediment flowing into the reservoir, the Masso River and Piti's coast. Sediment is a major cause of reef degradation.

"This agreement will protect our coral reef and help preserve our natural resources," Camacho said. "We are committed to projects like the Masso Agreement and future partnerships to conserve our environment."

Under the terms of the cooperative agreement, the US Navy will pay the Guam Department of Agriculture's Forestry and Soil Resources Division $235,000 to perform the scope of work, which includes a three-year deadline for completion.

Camacho offered special appreciation to the late David Limtiaco, the chief of the Forestry and Soil Resources Division at the Guam Department of Agriculture, who passed away unexpectedly last month. Mr. Limtiaco not only assisted in the development and negotiation of this agreement, but was the author of the Reforestation Plan that will be implemented within the agreement.

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