Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Clinton Vows Funding for Troop Buildup

Clinton vows funding for Guam troop buildup
Wednesday April 30, 2008
By Mar-Vic Cagurangan, Variety News Staff

UNDER the administration of Hillary Clinton, Guam can be assured of funding assistance from Washington D.C. to help the island deal with the cost of military buildup and local officials will be fully consulted on the planning process, according to the New York senator's campaign.

"Hillary will ensure that the US helps the government of Guam finance capital improvements," reads a statement from the Clinton campaign.

"Improving civilian infrastructure will help Guam accommodate the increased population and create new opportunities for economic development and expansion," the statement added.

The campaign also said Clinton will appoint a senior advisor who will report directly to the Secretary of Defense to fully consult with Guam's officials in the planning process. The advisor will be the territory's point of contact to address any concerns during the build-up and beyond, according to the campaign.

"This would raise the visibility and priority of the territory's perspectives to the highest policy levels at the Department of Defense, at other Federal agencies and at the White House," the statement read.

The campaign also disclosed Clinton's plan to open a local procurement and technical assistance center that will help small businesses on Guam get involved with military construction projects.

"Hillary will also support competitive local small business set-asides and local hiring preferences to ensure that Guamanians have a fair opportunity to compete for and carry out federal contracts," the statement said.

"These measures will boost local employment as well as develop a stronger and broader base of local small businesses to foster greater development and diversification of Guam's economy."

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