Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Opinion: Trump will need to cut a series of deals

The media elite called the presidential election wrong.  
Trump’s race to the bottom was predicated on hatred, racism, incomplete and inaccurate polling, late deciders and the awakening of the uneducated white Americans throughout the nation, especially those living in key political areas such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida.
In my opinion, the billionaire white guy was able to connect to the masses of low and middle income whites seeking to take back a country that they have felt was slipping away from progress made by non-white population segments. For better and for worse, it has worked.  
This election is historic in many ways because Trump is slated to become the first president in American history not to serve in previous government positions or in the military.  

This election is historic in that Trump blindsided the media, business and political establishments and elites, who have been calling out a Clinton victory with high levels of confidence.  
The sleeping masses of under-educated, blue collar white voters, white men in particular, who turned out in masses to repudiate the Obama presidency and Clinton is shocking.  
The irony of this election win may result in some gains for the Chamorros of the Mariana Islands. The Guam and CNMI governors are literally heading Trump’s Asian Pacific coalition at the national level. Pudding Metcalfe may find herself being invited to hold a secretariat position of some sorts in a Trump administration. Chamorros may have one real chance to make the “ask” on political, military, environmental, cultural and economic issues that most other population segments may not be afforded because of our location and political colonial status under the American flag. 
Since our Chamorro people are basically politically invisible on the national stage, now is the best time for us to prepare to speak up and speak up loudly because Trump is of the mindset that everything boils down to cutting a deal.  
Guam voters blew it by not voting into office former Guam governor Felix Camacho as Guam’s delegate to the U.S. Congress. Camacho would have been a great surrogate for future policy wins for Guam had he won the congressional race because the House is going red this election and there are signs that House Speaker Ryan is already reaching out to find some common ground with President-elect Trump.
Trump will seek to reset bilateral economic trade relations with China and things may also change materially with Japan on matters of trade and national security.  
On matters of the Guam military fortification, Chamorros now have the chance to stand up and support taking more courageous stated positions that span political status change, Chamorro war reparations, environmental and cultural justice and economic justice.  
It is possible that Trump may actually help lower tensions in the Asia-Pacific region over time because he may be able to warm up U.S.-Russian relations, which may spill over into U.S. Sino relations. If Trump can warm up with the Russians, it may also spill over to warmer U.S.-Philippine relations.
There is a danger that President-elect Trump may also bring the western Pacific and Asia region toward a hot war depending on how the DPRK responds to Trump’s messaging over the next several weeks and years and how Trump responds to DPRK overtures.
Domestically, Trump will continue to have his hands full as he must find pathways to reconcile with women and lower racial tensions between various groups stirred up from his racist and demeaning campaign rhetoric.  
At the end of the political day, Trump and Pence can make America an overall better place if they can figure out how to cut a series of deals with Congress. Trump has proven that he has the will to win the presidential election, but now he will have to prove that he is not only a leader, but a leader that will bring about positive change for the nation and its colonial possessions, including Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.  

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