Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Guam's military importance noted by US, Republic of Korea

Posted: Nov 02, 2016 3:36 PMUpdated: Nov 09, 2016 3:36 PM
On Tuesday, senior military officials from the United States and the Republic of Korea stood their ground at Naval Base Guam, warning North Korea to end its nuclear program. 39th chairman of the Republic of Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff General Sun Lin Lee said if North Korea continues its provocations, the ROK-US alliance will have to review all military options.
He added that Guam is a key player because of its strategic location, telling KUAM News, "I realized that Guam is not only an important factor that maintains security in the Pacific Region, but it's also a hub that serves as a center for our response to North Korea's nuclear and WMD threat."
Commander of the United States Forces Korea, General Vincent Brooks, said Guam contains various offensive and defensive capabilities meant to defeat any possible threats, including the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense Battery, B-1 bombers, and nuclear ballistic submarines.

General Kim is in no place to say what he may think about Guam.

Someone from the U.S. military has not educated General Kim because if General Kim was educated about Guam, he would know that Guam is an American military colony and its residents have been historically disadvantaged and denied basic political rights to this day.

If General Kim was educated about Guam, he would understand that the military has instituted a policy of American governance for almost 5 decades that was arbitrary, and racist and he would know that the military build-up on Guam was never consented to by the Chamorro people of Guam.

If General Kim was educated about Guam, he would understand that the island has a rich and ancient culture, language and custom set that is not American produced, manufactured or related.

If General Kim was educated about Guam, he would have reserved his comments.

Thumbs down on General Kim's comments about Guam.
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