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Navy Refuses to Allow Public Testimony at EIS Scoping Meeting on Navy Expansion Plans

Navy Refuses to Allow Public Testimony at EIS Scoping Meeting on Navy Expansion Plans

August 27, 2010 by kyle from

Jim Albertini of Malu ‘Aina sent the following report from the Navy public scoping meetings in Hilo regarding planned expansion of its training and range complex in the Pacific. The new control tactic of the military has been to use stations with information and subject matter “experts” to answer questions rather than hold public hearings where the public may hear each others’ questions and comments. Hawai’i has a rich oral cultural tradition; the “information station” format fails to allow for sufficient public participation. The Navy is conducting another environmental impact statement (EIS) for its range activities mainly because it has to renew its “take” permit under the National Marine Mammal Protection Act. They figured that they might as well make changes to their plans while they are at it. NOAA’s website for marine mammal protection permits issued is: On this page there are a number of Navy range complexes and other activities. The Southern California and Hawaiian Range permits are midway down the table. You can find annual reports there as well.

The meeting on O’ahu was also highly controlled. The Navy provided virtually no information about the proposed changes to their activities, making it impossible for the public to effectively comment on the scope of the project. What we have found out is that there will be more minesweeping training, meaning more active sonar use. This is the worst sonar for whales. Also, they plan to bring Joint Strike Fighters (F35) and Littoral Combat Ships (LCS, a cousin of the Hawaii Superferry) to train in Hawai’i.

And the Navy’s failure to hold public hearings denies meaningful public participation. Please submit comments on the website:

Or by mail:

Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southwest
Attention: Mr. Kent Randall – HSTT EIS/OEIS
1220 Pacific Highway, Building 1, Floor 5
San Diego, CA, 92132

They do not provide a way to fax or submit email comments.

If the folks from Maui and Kaua’i can send their reports, we’ll post them. Mahalo.

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