Monday, September 28, 2009

Decolonization Registry Bill Goes Up For Public Hearing

Decolonization Registry Bill Goes Up For Public Hearing

Guam- Senator Ben Pangelinan wants to expedite the process of getting more native Chamorros to register under the Guam Decolonization Registry.

Pangelinan welcomed testimony on Bill 184 during a public hearing this morning. The measure seeks to add the list of eligible Chamorro Land Trust lease applicants to the decolonization registry. Former Senator Hope Cristobal and University of Guam instructor Victoria Leon Guerrero were two of the people who testified in favor of the bill. Leon Guerrero says more needs to be done to educate the island community on self determination, before the military buildup occurs.

For example, the UOG instructor spoke on how she invited her students to attend the hearing. "Not a single one of them knew what the Decolonization Registry was" said Leon Guerrero. "I think that is a shame on the part of both our education system and our leadership."

Leon Guerrero says she likes that Senator Pangelinan identified $400,000 to be set aside for an education campaign on decolonization. However, she feels there should be other outlets to spread more awareness. To read up on Bill 184, visit

Written by: Josh Tyquiengco

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