Friday, August 07, 2009

Guam's Governor Cruising?

Governor cruises, Guam in crisis
Thursday, 06 August 2009 23:49 by Tiffany Sukola
For Marianas Variety

THE governor’s chief of staff is embroiled in a contract scandal at the port that could possibly jeopardize possible stimulus funding for Guam; local health officials report spiraling numbers of swine flu cases and no substantive protocols to protect the public are in place; the new JFK campus project has come to a halt amidst allegations of impropriety and the legislature is about to take up crucial budget hearings in middle of the worst economic meltdown the world has seen since the Great Depression.

And Gov. Felix P. Camacho is off-island on a joy ride.

A confidential source told Variety that the governor is currently enjoying a motorcycle ride in the West Coast with Chief Justice Robert Torres. The island’s two top leaders are cruising with Harley Owners Group for the Sturgis 2009 Motorcycle Rally.

HOG director Joe Blas said several of the group members are barreling across the nation, starting from Los Angeles, California to Sturgis, South Dakota.

“With almost 150,000 bikers and two weeks of events, Sturgis is definitely the place to be,” Blas said, adding that eight or nine of the bike club members traveled off-island to attend the two-week rally.

While Blas would not confirm or deny the governor’s participation in the motorcycle rally, he admitted Camacho periodically joins the Guam HOGS during their monthly rides.

“The governor is considered an honorary member,” said Blas. “We always invite him to our events and he usually comes.”

Blas told Variety that the group started in Los Angeles heading toward South Dakota. At the annual motorbike rally known for its raucous festivities thousands of bike enthusiasts gather to check out custom-made motorcycles and attend concerts and the like.

Blas said he expects some HOG members to return by mid-to late-August when the rally is scheduled to wind down.

Questions to the governor’s office regarding the Harley-riding chief executive’s off-island itinerary remained unanswered as of press time yesterday.

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