Monday, August 10, 2009

Collateral Damage Video


Vince said...

It is great video,
Thanks for the posting.....

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Anonymous said...

That's a horrible tragedy these people underwent. I wish the story stayed more focused though.

As it is, it sounds like
1) They volunteered to move to help the world, which they did. The sacrifice was recognized, and the testing obviously did yield important results.
2) They suffered from the accident. This is truly tragic. But what happened after the accident? Were the people who suffered from radiation adequately treated? What are they doing now? Has there been any cleanup? This is what would have been good to know.
3) Now they're mad about having to move? Um, sorry? Where did this come from? It sounds like petty complaining. They should have stuck with the tragedy of the accident and left it at that.

Volunteering and then complaining about it afterwards is kind of pathetic.