Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Manhita - Building Our Future Together

The tiny Pacific island of Guam is preparing for the largest single U.S. military buildup since World War II, bracing for 20 years worth of development at a break-neck pace of less than 5 years. Between now and 2014, $15 billion will be poured into the economy and a tiny island population of 170,000 residents will balloon by as much as 25% virtually overnight. The impact on Guams society, economy, environment, culture, public services, utilities and infrastructure in the context of a complicated relationship between the islands indigenous people and the U.S. federal government is daunting and inevitable. In this documentary, islanders grapple with how to harness the opportunities of the buildup to shape a positive destiny not just for the military, but especially for Guam and its people.

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