Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tough Times

Tough times: military expansion budget tight
By Michele Catahay
Published Dec 21, 2008

Funding for the military buildup continues to look dim, according to Civilian Military Task Force member Tony Lamorena. The former Guam senator says that despite Guam's 2010 request for funding, there's been no response from the feds.

Lamorena told KUAM News, "Obviously we're not too happy about idea that the budget we submitted has yet to be entertained. But the reality is that a lot of the things we submitted in the 2010 budget are specifically to meet the demands of the military buildup. There's substantial amount of money for the port, DPW, and for various agencies that need to beef up their infrastructure prior to the military beginning the construction. We're still pushing that the 2010 budget we submitted will be entertained, but as governor stated he is disappointed by the lack of interest or movement by the federal government."

CMTF members are now working on developing a five-year budget request to be submitted to the federal government's Office of Management and Budget.

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