Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Guam First Commission

Camacho's veto overridden for Guam First Commission
By Sabrina Salas Matanane
Published Dec 23, 2008

It was clear Monday morning where lawmakers were heading as they moved legislation recently vetoed by Governor Felix Camacho into the voting file. Discussion began bill on Bill 378, which would create a Guam First Commission on the military buildup.

It marked the ninth such attempt by Democrat Rory Respicio to get this commission going. The senator said, "With all due respect to the Governor Camacho and his administration, I just can't see why he would feel offended to having a Guam First Commission, of which he is the chairman, where the Civilian Military Task Force is a technical arm to the group, where everything they've been doing so far will not be changed midstream, but actually be strengthened."

Lawmakers ultimately overrode the governor's veto by a vote of 12-3.

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