Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bill Will Waive Fishing and Hunting Fees for Veterans

Bill 354 seeks to waive fishing & hunting fees for veterans
by Ronna Sweeney, KUAM News
Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lawmakers have recently introduced a measure that seeks to waive fishing and hunting license fees for veterans. If Bill number 354 is passed into law, no fee, including application and issuance fees, may be charged to an applicant who is a veteran for a license, permit, stamp, tag, certificate to hunt, fish, trap or otherwise lawfully take fish or wildlife.

Under the proposed law authored by Senators B.J. Cruz, Frank Blas, Judi Guthertz, Rory Respicio and Tina Muna-Barnes, the veteran would need a copy of their military discharge form or DD-214, which they would then to present to the Guam Department of Agriculture for the waiver.

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Anonymous said...

Hafa Adai,

Have the Guam Legislature forgotten of the Chamoru Native fishing rights? Or, could
you use this bill to include Chamorus in their quest to regain their Native fishing/hunting

I am sure this bill will be well supported by the Veterans of Guam, unfortunately it will be
another give away of resources that should be reserved for Native Chamorus to also
none-Chamoru Veterans.

Do not support this bill, as is? Will you consider amending this bill to reflect the below,
it will make it a little more palatable?

01. Do not waive licensing fees for all veterans (they are too many of us-vets within
our small community. It will effectively eliminate most of the revenue from the
licensing fee. Licensing fee has a purpose and it help manage and control the
taking of games.

02. As a compromise, it may be acceptable if this bill will be made applicable only to
disable veterans, but I will support it only and only if,...

03. The legislature consider returning to the Chamoru Natives of Guam what
rightfully belongs to the Chamorus.

04. Please, Stop the political gimmick give aways of resources belonging to the
Chamoru Natives.

Antonio Artero Sablan
A Service Connected Disable Veteran,
.. not a hunter with a GUN. I encourage
the shooting of games with camera